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We make your Web3 journey easy for you.

Light Labs is a Web3 focussed development company specialising in Discord, Website & Blockchain Developments and Audits.
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Why Choose Us?

Internationally Based In-House Team for 24/7 Coverage & Support

You will be backed by a globally diverse pool of talents who will deliver - wherever, whenever. So that, you are free to pursue more opportunities and stay on top of this ever-evolving market.

Exclusive Top Tier Python, Node.js, PHP & more

Say yes to seamless transfer of ideas to reality. Gain access to elite developers whether be it Python, Node.JS, PHP and more.

Highly Trained In-House Moderators and Community Managers

Why settle when you can have the best? Tap into our wide array of experienced moderators and community managers. Let them work into community building, the core of every Web3 project.

Websites, Smart Contracts, Minting DApps, UI/UX, Gasless Staking & More

Website creation, optimized smart contracts, exceptional Minting DApps, gasless staking, staking contracts and more are offered to help you create an exceptional NFT launch experience to satisfy your holders.

Discord Bots and Security

To ensure a worry-free interaction, we'll equip your community with in-house discord bots created by our best programmers to liven up the community, monitor and secure your server from hacks and compromises.

Art Creation, and Art Generation

Make your vision come to life. Our in-house digital artists will create and generate your envisioned quality NFT art. What are you waiting for?
Our Services

Web3 & Discord Developments, All-in-One.

Standard Discord Package

  • Built Discord
  • Discord Security Audit
  • Light Collector [ETH] or [SOL]
  • Advanced Captcha Bot
  • Twitter & Discord Sales Bot

Premium Discord Package

  • Standard Discord Package
  • Advanced Economy Bot
  • Moderation Team Management and Tracking

Custom Discord Package & Bots

Anything From:
  • Pick & Mix of Discord Services/Bots
  • More Custom Built Bots

Standard Web3 Packages

  • Standard Discord Package
  • 24/7 Moderation and Community Building Team
  • 24/7 Support Team Tickets
  • Smart Contracts & Audits
  • Project Advice
  • Website Creation

Premium Web3 Package

  • Premium Discord Package
  • 24/7 Moderation and Community Building Team
  • 24/7 Support Team Tickets
  • Smart Contracts & Audits
  • Project Advice
  • Website Creation

Custom Web3 package

Anything From:
  • Custom Discord Package & Bots
  • 24/7 Moderation and Community Building Team
  • 24/7 Support Team Tickets
  • Smart Contracts & Audits
  • Gasless/Traditional Staking
  • Project Advice
  • Website Creation
  • Blockchain Development

LightLabs Track Record

20+Discords Built & Audited
1m+Community Members Managed
120+Bots Developed
$10m+Generated For Projects


Goose and the Lightlabs team were an invaluable asset my project & community - with his advice & work the discord community was extremely impressive, well organised & ran very well. The addition of bots, structuring of the server etc... were things I would've never implemented without his proactive approach to going above and beyond for his clients. His communication, turn around times and willingness to help with my vision of the community was extraordinary. I can't recommend working with him and the team at lightlabs enough.
The website that LightLabs have built for me was just amazing, fast, responsive and what I have asked for, I promise everyone that you simply cannot find a more talented team, I also purchased a Wallet Submission BOT which was so amazing, Apart from this, The 24/7 Support from the team is just amazing they helped me with everything I needed help with, Even with creating simple tasks too. LightLabs is just amazing and I would never choose anyone else besides them!
Me as a staff member of several servers, I am glad I came into contact with Lightlabs. Reliable and creative team. Keep going.
Thanks for the quick help, insanely appreciated

Meet the team


CEO, Co-Founder

Karmon (Abdulkarim)

CTO, Co-Founder


CMO, Partner


Head Web Developer

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